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I am having some issues with my profile NEED SOME HELP FOR THAT

I am having some issues with my profile can anyone review my profile and give me suggestion please //:pray::pray::pray:
and I am also have some problem in sending my domain link to the client for sample because blocked me . Because of that I HAVE LOST 2 OF MY CLIENT please can any one review my domain

This is my domain can anyone fixed my those problems please :pray::pray::disappointed_relieved::pray:

Mod Note: Link removed.


You’re lucky you have only been blocked by your buyers and not reported by them. :roll_eyes:

Please stop doing so, unless you want to get a warning, or even worse, get banned by Fiverr. :smirk:

I suggest you read Fiverr’s TOS, you’ll find it at the bottom of Fiverr’s main page.


You are misunderstanding buyer did not blocked me fiver did… And I am new here that’s way I am making this mistake… What should I do… Now… Tell me…???

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She already told you: read Fiverr’s Terms of Service.


Okk thank yo so much