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I am having some issues with my rating


Hello! I started working with Fiverr in August and gathered around 200 dollars in a month, but then I got some issues and had to delete my account. That one was working wonders for me, constant orders and stuff. But then I got a new one (this one), and it’s not working that well for me. Also, I had a really bad buyer that couldn’t understand I had some issues and simply reviewed my gig badly. Those were my first 3 orders, so now I’m facing a horrible review, of around 75%, with my article gig at 68%. Is there any chance I can get level 1 after 30 days of good orders? Or am I forever banned from achieving that?


Why did you delete your other account if you were doing so well?


to become a level one seller you must have almost perfect ratings


Looks like your gonna have to work hard mate at getting your reputation back. I think there’s only one way your gonna do this legitimately, lifes not always a breeze and we shouldn’t take nothing for granted. You gotta beg people to give you the chance and work very hard to give people great value for money.

Take a break when you need to, never churn out rubbish and bodge orders through and ask people that if they like your work to leave a review.

I find that telling people that if they are unhappy with their work then i’l get back to it and it reassures them that your working hard to deliver great value for money. You’l have to get good reviews, green thumbs up and very happy and appreciative customers.