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I Am Having The WORST Experience


First time user here.

I placed two different orders for the same exact service to see if it worked but also who would get repeat business. Both have been pretty much unresponsive in 24 hours (they had a 2 day deadline listed) and one even CHANGED THEIR SERVICE AFTER I ORDERED. Can they do that?..


Reply to @madmoo: Yeah for me it’s just weird to take the money without touching base and assuring that a service will be provided especially if the customer takes the time to reach out to you (in a friendly manner).

Well, thank you for calming my nerves for another day. At least I have the option for a refund if they don’t do what they advertised… >.<


Reply to @madmoo: Social media. Twitter stuff. Not artistic but follower management. Additional followers. etc.


Ok. Well at least there’s that. Thanks!


Reply to @madmoo: Yeah I’ve just requested a cancellation because I am yet to hear from them.

That being said how does this work? If they don’t respond in two days do I get a fiverr credit or does it go back on my card?

Thanks for your help!


Is there a way to report a seller? They finally gave me my money back (the other seller came through THANK GOD). But they ignored the deadline, didn’t do it, and then when they finally got back to my 4 messages they were incredibly rude (which makes me think they knew that they were in the wrong).

This person is ALSO sending me messages. Is there a way to block him/her?


Thank you. I have done both.

I mean he changed what he was selling three times, he sent threatening messages, amongst other things…

I hope this is the end of my worst of fiverr experience…


I’m so sorry that you’ve had this experience!

I was wondering… How carefully did you vet each seller before ordering? Did they have lots of orders under their belt with very high ratings/reviews? Did you message them prior to ordering to check their response time? If not, I would highly suggest doing so. This way you can probably avoid these types of shameful sellers in the future.

Fiverr really is wonderful in my opinion, so stick with it! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: