I am having trouble posting a gig?


When I reach the second page asking for the price, revision, etc, I can’t put in a price.

Also, what is a revision? I am new to this site.


That’s odd. Sometimes, if I run into issues when I’m entering pricing info, I just refresh the page and that usually takes care of it. Are you refreshing when you run into problems?

And a revision would be any updates that the buyer requests from you. You can set a base amount that’s included with your gig basics. And then charge additional for any revision requests over that amount.

Hope that helps!


Thank you


It could be that I am using internet explorer


Hi!! I’m sorry to hear you are going through these challenges posting gigs.
Usually Fiverr works best on Google Chrome. Have you ever try that?
Answering to your second question: a revision to your work would be any change that a buyer asks you to do to the work. If you are only willing to change it 1-2 times, then make sure you set that up. Otherwise, you can make the buyer pay for the changes and set “no revisions”.
I hope this helped.