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I am having troubles contacting Customer Support, can anyone help?



I am trying to submit a request. I did it twice and after entering all information and clicking submit, a message pops up saying, that the request was not submitted and to check my email to verify. However, I did not receive any emails. Can anyone help, let me know how I can contact Support?


As an added note, I ordered something on this site and the Seller is late and unresponsive. I was needing to contact Support to cancel the order and ask for a refund.


I’m not sure if you can email them directly, but the email is

If you can’t submit a request, I don’t see why you can’t email them.


Did you try with another browser or after clearing cache ?


Maybe your account is blocked for Fiverr emails or sends them to the junk mail folder? You can also try and update your cookie settings. Did you try it more than once ?