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I am having Withdrawal Issues

Hello, I am having withdrawal issues. It started when I asked fiverr to simply remove the payoneer card attached to my fiverr revenue card due to some complication with the payoneer account that was originally linked. I didn’t want to do the mistake of withdrawing to it, so I asked them to remove it. But, unknowingly the system removed both payoneer accounts linked to both the bank transfer system and the fiverr withdrawal system. However, I did write to them which they apologized and asked me to re-link the one mistakenly removed again. On doing as instructed, since then, the system has never accepted that I have attached a payoneer card. So, each time I clicked on the fiverr revenue card, I was asked to add a payoneer account again, but, payoneer is asking me to login into the account…and worst case is that…also for the withdrawal through the bank withdrawal method, it says my application is under review…for the same payoneer account. I wrote to fiverr and they replied by saying the problem is with payoneer, that they didn’t approve the submission, although payoneer says, my account is approved and I can withdraw funds, who do I go to?..Please help out. Thank you.