I am here from the last 15-20 days but yet i haven't get any order.Need some suggestion to sell my gig


I am new in freelancing sector.I am a new seller and i need help from experts.Last 15-20 days i am getting the impression on gigs and a few clicks but haven’t get any order yet.What i can do to sell my gigs…,Seeking some suggestion from the experts…Please help me to increase the gig order.


Hello @ahmed_islam, welcome to Fiverr.
You have the same problem like other beginners, and me also. But I was researching a little and work on GIGs promotion. SO here is my post from some other Topic, I think that could help you a little.
Wish you all the best and keep working. :slight_smile:


Just saw your profile. In your profile description, you have written that you are working here (Fiverr) for the last one year. And your profile says that you have just joined. This will confuse your potential buyers. You need to improve your description. You have mentioned that your English is fluent but this does not reflect in your description. I suggest you change the language setting and tone down the level. It will be evident from your conversations if you are not comfortable with English.


Thanks a lot…I am trying to follow your tips.


Thank you…Thanks a lot…I am trying to solve the mistakes which you mentioned in your comment…


You are welcome! :slight_smile:
Just keep working high and you will grow fast.