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I am here to Report a Bug


Hello. i have been trying to log in to the fiverr customer support. but the support does not open :confused: . can anyone tell me how can i contact fiverr?


They’re very shy, especially with blond girls (like you and me) at the door :wink:

Check this out:


I can’t remove the “I will” part on the title of the gig when I was creating my first gig and when I am trying to post a gig it says published but for some reason, it stays in the draft section. I did it like 3 times and I get same results.

The I will part is very annoying my gig was titled “I will get your logo now” instead of “Get your Logo now”


@darrenterrado “I will” is a staple for everyone selling on fiverr, it never goes away or can ever be deleted. It’s part of the game, you have to adapt your title around “I will…”


What about the gig that goes straight to the draft after the site says it
is published?


Well you can’t remove it. That’s the way it is!!


If you use your imagination I am sure you will come up with a perfect title. Every gig title starts with “I will.”