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I am hoping to make a living here on fiverr

I am just new here, so hopefully I can make a living on this platform!


Warm welcome dear :slight_smile:
Wish you best of Luck.


Welcome to fiverr.
Best of luck

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Best of luck! Do the good work and success will follow.


Making a living here on Fiverr is usually quite challenging. What business goals have you set, and what strategies are you pursuing to reach those goals?


Best wishes to you, here’s hoping you excel

Welcome to you and lots of luck with your new venture. It will take hard work and dedication to make a living!! :slightly_smiling_face::dizzy::clap:

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Hey i have also just joined the fiverr. All the best buddy!:grinning:

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Hey there, I am new here too and still struggling getting my first sale! Hope you have more luck than me here XD


HELLO - WELCOME TO FIVERR :tada::tada::tada:

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welcome @athancapistrano

Welcome Brother!
Even I am a new bee here with lot of dreams and hopes to impress the fiverr mates both sellers and buyers with my works.
As a first step i have just created my first gig hoping to get some projects, i know it is challenging to get initial projects as new sellers without reviews or ratings! but lets keeping trying hard to we prove ourselves.

All the best to you, lets take this challenging journey on fiverr together!!!

If you have the right skill set, dedication and commitment to deliver quality work, while at the same time considering client work as your own work, I am sure you are going to love this platform.

Thanks for starter tip. We will need many more such hand holding tips to guide newer fiverr mates like us in long run…

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I think it’s not very professional to call us mates, and especially your potential customers — “mates”. For example, since I’m very conservative, I find this highly insulting. When I go to the store, I do not wish someone I never saw in my life to address me as a “mate”, like we’ve known each other all our lives. And we’re not pirates either. Aye? Good luck.

Welcome best of luck

Don’t know the ups and downs, YET!

Looking to be a future entrepreneur and pursue my dreams through this platform. Hope this works out.

Any thoughts for improvements and letting others about you? All comments from veterans would be appreciated my G. Have a nice day!

Okay , thanks for sharing your views! I am aware that we all lives in different parts the world, i agree we don’t know each other, be it co sellers or potential customers (buyers). But we are connected on this platform virtually to help each other to grow professionally in the process earn revenue.

As we are connected virtually i had considered all of them on this platform irrespective of sellers or buyers (Roles keeps changing depending upon our need, some times we sellers and some times we are buyers), hence considered all of you as friends/ mates. I regret if i have done wrong by using the word “mates” to sellers and buyers here!

hope you take this in right spirit, lets move on!

Good luck and best wishes to you too !

Thanks & Regards,


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You could also get work.
Be motivated.
Never loose your heart.

@athancapistrano welcome to the Fiverr community. It takes some patience to get first orders.

Best of luck!