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I am in a great problem... HELP

I have got a order. But the buyer is asking for a little change. But I am unable to do whatever he is wanting. It is my gig’s first order. If I cancel, will it be harmful for me.
Please help


If you cancel it will affect your stats, but at least you will not have a poor review which would be worse. A review is seen by your perspective buyers. A stat is only for your eyes.


Try to solve your problem your friends or relative who’s a developer.
But try to didn’t cancel it. Thank you.

Hi @mahfuzsaim9,

You only have 1 review so, no, cancellation won’t be harmful for you, but a bad review will destroy you!

And as @vickiespencer said, bad reviews are seen by everybody but stats, only by you.


You appear to be suggesting @mahfuzsaim9 have a friend or relative do the work for her client. That would not be honest! Plus if the friend or relative does not do the quality of work the buyer wants then @mahfuzsaim9 would suffer the consequences. :scream:

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In the “data entry” Gig, I suppose. Have you tried looking online for your problem? Maybe someone had the same issue and then posted the solution.