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I am in big trouble!


Hello, I need your help. I have ordered a taxi app. It was processed in milestones. 2 milestones have already been purchased and one has not yet been accepted. the seller was blocked by Fiverr because it is non-professional and people are pushing for WhatsApp. He gives for example a text how to rate it. I’ve only had good experiences with Fiverr but now it’s terrible. do you think there’s a way for Fiverr to refund me the money from the first two milestones to my account otherwise I’ve burned all the money? My client is so angry. I don’t know what to do.

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you can contact the custom support, they will surely help you out with this.

You will need to contact Fiverr, explain that your order was never fully delivered, and insist that you receive a refund. you will only receive Fiverr credit, though.

Sadly, this is the risk you bear when you act as a middle man or outsource projects. It is not a Fiverr problem, it’s something you need to put systems in place to mitigate.


Could another seller complete the job? You’ve accepted the first 2 milestones so I assume those must have been done well enough (otherwise you wouldn’t have accepted them). If another seller completes it (does what would have been done in the 3rd milestone) maybe it will be okay and there’d be no need for a refund on the first 2 milestones?

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Refund your client. Ask customer support if they can not only refund the money to your account but transfer it back to you.

he told me how to rate the text. i wasn’t satisfied at all. he said that we work with milestones and everything will be corrected at the end. the work done so far is based on low-end templates.

He told you how to rate? And you didn’t find that suspicious? Anyway, contact support and see what they can do for you: