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I am in buyer hell - things I HATE about Fiverr

Two things that have seriously SCREWED my Fiverr experience:

  1. As soon as I accepted my seller’s offer, I no longer had access to ANY of our prior conversation – it was ALL WIPED AWAY. Which SUCKS because I had already left a copious amount of instructions for the gig and was not prepared to WRITE IT ALL OUT AGAIN.

  2. In making my REVISIONS instructions to the seller, I had ALREADY WRITTEN OUT, point by point in great detail, exactly what I needed to be revised. Complete paragraphs. Then I tried to drag an image into the dialog box — and it WIPED OUT EVERYTHING I had written!!! so NOW I get to rewrite it all and spend another half hour or more that I don’t have. Why in the hell is this terrible “feature” happening? F&^%ing ruined my Fiverr experience today. I hope someone reads this.

To 1. You probably are looking for the prior conversation in the wrong place, the order page.
Basically, you have 2 conversation strings, one in messages (where all your prior conversation with your seller is), and, once you accepted an offer, you can open another conversation string for that specific order, on the order page (you can, however, stick to the conversation in the messages section to not talk in 2 different spots.)

Look for messages (not notifications, that’s where you see notifications related to orders, but messages) in the top menu bar, and you should find your complete conversation with your seller from prior to the order.


@miiila already gave a good instructions where to find your prior conversation.
But to add to that if you open fiverr from your laptop not an app, you will be able to see all of it in one place.

As for your second point:
Try to attach files with an “attach” button instead of dragging it. It never failed me.

  1. You have two order threads once you order: one in the order itself, and one for general inquiries. You’re now looking at the order message thread. There’s nothing there because it was only created when the order was made.

  2. Never write critical things in a text field. Always write them where you can save them, then copy and paste into the message field when you’re ready. This doesn’t just go for Fiverr, but for anywhere. It’s not a fault of the system. Things time out and other things happen. You can’t rely on everything to be held in draft.

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Ha ha - you are right about that! I was looking for it – but it seemed like every time I pressed on the message thread, all I could see was the blank field for the description of work to be done, which I had already written and planned to copy. Thank you for the clue! Next time will be easier.

Yes you’re right about the attach button. However, it seems like a simple coding that could be corrected. Clearly Fiverr is not set up to “drag and drop” a file, but did it really have to wipe out my writing? I call that a bug that needs fixed.

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A good lesson, one that I am often relearning.

Thanks :sunny:

This is good lesson, i getting more learning