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I am in great trouble ,I have no words to express my feelings right now!

Hi friends,

Today fiverr restricted my account after receiving third warning (account restricted) within 12 hours. The first warning was right but the second & third warning was totally irrelevant.
(2nd warning was Buyer Communicate outside the fiverr , but i was don’t do ,
even then fiverr give me ):frowning:

(3rd warning) Yesterday my buyer told me you stole work from google . I just asked my buyer that is this not stolen work , i was reported by buyer And eventually Customer support gave me 3rd warning of (asking for positive feedback) with account restricted. Now its under review by Fiverr Trust and Safety team. They said I can deliver my active order but can’t get new orders.

I am working on fiverr since from oct 2019 and have more than 42 reviews Premium still i have 11 active orders. I am really upset. I don’t know what to do. Please share you suggestions and experiences.



First of Creatorazure, welcome to fiverr form community !
And in response to your situation, i would like to say that dont panic, ask CS for help, if you have not asked buyer for positive feed back then they can defiantly help you, and next time if you are having an unpleasant argument then open a dispute on the spot, this is the legal way of including Fiverr team to your dealing.



I am just waiting for response from Fiverr trust and safety team!

Thankyou so much


Dear Fiverr gave me Auto reply , contact will be in 10 days :confounded:

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Let them know both of the things you received warnings for that you didn’t actually do (including the off-Fiverr contact). You can attach screenshots showing relevant messages (eg. that it was the buyer that asked to and not you).


can screenshots send to fiverr cs

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3rd warning of (asking for positive feedback) what is this?

Yes you can attach screenshot images (or other attachments) when you create your support ticket or add another reply to it. eg. screenshot a few messages that are relevant and highlight them/add text showing that it wasn’t you who said/did the wrong things.

yes but i don’t talk any kind of feedback in 3rd warning

this was my 3rd irrelevant TOS

Can you support irrelevancy of third warning?

It seems you have gotten two warnings before and still haven’t read and/or understood ToS.

I suppose you could send them in an email message if you needed to. If your account is restricted contacting through might be the only way to message them.

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thanks :slight_smile:

i had received 3 warnings
but 1st was true
2nd & 3rd is totally wrong

It seems to be wrong from your perspective.

But Buyer and CS think different so you would need to support irrelevancy of warnings with transcript of whole (character by character) communication to CS.

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Yes I am still doing this

Can you help a little bit because my English is not good

Which ones would be 2nd and 3rd? Communication outside of Fiverr, stealing work from Google, feedback manipulation?

Part of the problem could be that staff took a look at your Fiverr profile and saw an unusually high percentage of buyers complaining about late deliveries. Or maybe some of those buyers also complained in the private feedback (the one that only staff sees).


Did you gave email? or any other sosmed account? or ask your buyer sosmed or email?
Eventhough you didn’t communicate outside fiverr, but you gave your buyer some of this information…, then it count as violate TOS

You should patienly contact CS, it seems your buyer is reporting you.