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I am in great trouble!

Hello everyone,

I am Zuhaib Naqvi from Pakistan and working on fiverr for last 4 years. I am little bit upset because I am not getting orders from new buyers from last couple of weeks because my gig has been ranked down to second page of search list. My gig always remained on first or second line during the last 2 years. I always try to remain polite and make my clients happy but I don’t know why my gig is going down and down in search results. I have tried posting my gigs multiple times on social media which results in increasing view but not clicks and impressions.

My gig URL is following:

Please suggest me what to do?

Thank you in advance!

maybe there are too much people working with the same gig recently and they also provide the good quality?

Perhaps, you’re right.

There are hundreds of sellers selling this – no, thousands. A simple search reveals 2300 gigs about infographics and many of these are also successful. They can’t all be on the first page or rank well period.

It’s great that you’re polite, but that doesn’t have an impact on the effects of competition, especially in a place like Fiverr. You were fortunate to rank high for this for so long. If the only thing that can help you get business is ranking well, then it’s simply not a sustainable business.

Make gigs that have high demand and low competition. Frankly, doing something this competitive is a gamble no matter how professional and polite you are. That’s just the way it works. Even if performance is the main factor in the algorithm, which I don’t think it is, only so many sellers can rank well. That’s just the math of it.


Yeah, you are right.