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I am in level 1


i am in level one now but my views is decreasing and i didn’t receive any orders . there aren’t any grammar mistakes in gig. so what is the problem >?


Congratulations…Keep it up


Congratulation @manoosh_15. Keep it up.


thanks all for your support. would you please take a look on profile and check what does it need


congratulations to you


As I mentioned earlier few times on different topics: grammar mistakes on your gig wouldn’t have any affect on your gig ranking.

Gig ranking depends only on your performance.


@mariashtelle1 how can i improve my performance ??


Congrats and you can keep promoting your gig and also use the buyers request


This one. :arrow_down:


I have a deja vu. It seems that someone else copied your packages, errors included.


And the gig image too! There seem to be an awful lot of coincidences/copying going on?


what is the problem with the picture ?


The definitions of the packages. Look at them closely.
Have you changed them recently? They don’t make sense.


congratulation dear :slight_smile:


i have changed the prices recently


Ok. The definitions of the Standard and of the Premium package are inconsistent and wrong. The rate of the Basic package is too low.

Check the description and the number of words of each package.

Aaaaaargh… :hibiscus: :boar: :wrench:


many thanks. i will check :slight_smile:


Have you made any change on your gig?If yes, then it will effect your gig.


Don’t worry take your time & hard work…:heart: