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I am in online! but my gig status in offline


Hello everyone,

I am in online!
but the problem is my gig showing offline!
I was seen! my gig category other all member gig now show offline.

so my question is Fiverr have the troubling problem.

Have anyone facing this problem?



It’s happening to most of us:

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face::tada::slightly_smiling_face:


yes i also facing same problem. i myself online but when i search my gig where i am offline



Go to settings, in online status make as online then save change button.

It will work. I tried.


its not working, I know, I can find online setting. You read my post, thenn comment here,I am said I am in online…


Update profile status and turn on online bar option ,your status will be updated


It’s a bug! Some of the filters don’t appear to be working properly, and ‘online’ is one of them.


Yes its surely is a bug which needs to be fixed.