I am in problem , plz helppp [ANSWERED]


i just create a new id . i live in Bangladesh but it automatically take location as Singapore . will it become a problem in future ??? plz Help


If you are using VPN, I suggest that you stop using it.


Need to google this, I still don’t know what is this. :confused:


In basic terms, it lets you act as if you are somewhere you’re not. It’s just some software you download. It’s fairly easy to use.

For example, I use it sometimes if I want to watch TV streaming only available in the UK or USA. I switch on my VPN and the TV streaming service thinks I’m in the UK or USA.

And I used it on a business trip to China because China bans access to many websites including Gmail, YouTube, Twitter (and also a lot of VPN services actually!)

It’s also useful for masking yourself if you’re using free wifi.


Oh Thanks. Really good brief explanation. So if you are using it for lets say to watch a tv show, then that will affect your location at Fiverr as well, Right?


Yep. It’s your internet connection as a whole.
I turn it on and off as I need it but some people will leave it on all the time I guess.


what should i do now ?




I am not using any VPN.


Then Contact Support.


Really? It’s the very first thing that an Asian internet user installs on their device or browser.


NO WAY!!! :triumph: :disappointed_relieved:


If you don’t know how to fix it yourself, you will need to contact Customer Support. No one on the forum can help you past that. You most likely won’t be able to verify your account to create gigs until you get your location set correctly. Customer Support can fix it for you if it’s not due to something on your end.