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I am in quandary

I got an order on my “ I will write a letter of complaint gig” this morning. However, it was not to write a 400 word letter of complaint. It was to proofread and rewrite a 1400 word letter of complaint written in a rambling way by a clearly upset writer who paid extra for 24 hour delivery. Because I did not want a cancellation I said I would do the job. I put in triple the work I would have if I simply were to write a letter. I was asked to cut out what was not needed and I did. I cut the words to almost 1000. Now I just heard back from the buyer who said unfortunately there were many errors and they wanted to cancel. I responded that if there were errors they were not in my proofreading, spelling, grammar or sentence structure and I would rewrite what was nor clear.

Now I am having second thoughts and wondering if I should cancel in spite of losing $ and wasting time I could have spent working on other orders. My stats are all 98 and 100%. Any opinions?

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Hmmmmmmmm…oh dear.
Not sure what the best step would be.

Personally I might want to cancel this since this person seems like angry and upset from the beginning, and he/she might take out the anger on you with a nasty review.

So either you risk getting a negative review VS having your completion rate go down.

I would want you to get paid since you did your part though.
You can try explaining that you DID do your job and cannot accept the cancellation in a veeeeeeeeeeeeeery polite and calm manner, but not sure if that will work.
Maybe worth a try???

Dang it, not sure what to do. :persevere:


That is what I am thinking too, and I am in a quandary for the same reason. I guess I will go to bed and see what the buyer says in the morning.

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Hopefully while you are sleeping, the person will have the chance to calm down a bit.
I get the feeling this buyer is just too upset, and anything/everything will make him angry.

Get some rest!! :full_moon_with_face::star2::stars:


The buyer has been a buyer on Fiverr since 2012. They booked the gig for a friend. But maybe it really was not for a friend, but themselves.

If letter is in word document, they maybe saw underline words and saying that there are many errors. And we all know that word can actually underline persons name. And, also, especially if buyer language in word is set to other then english, everything will be underline then.

If there were truly errors in letter, they would ask you to fix them


I think you are dealing with someone who does not want to pay. I wouldn’t have accepted the job.

Did they say this before you started working on it?

A couple of big red flags in this order, starting with it not being what your gig was for.
I would have cancelled it at the beginning.

That gig probably gets some angry people who are going to be a little unbalanced.

I think you should cancel since it’s only $8 you will lose and this person is going to be a pain most likely. In the future when they order what your gig is not offering, it’s best to cancel. It’s a red flag for more problems.

However, be aware that in cases like this where there has already been a delivery, it is possible that he can leave a review just before accepting the cancellation, as we have seen in another thread today.


Gosh, Vickie! Sounds like you’ve gotten yourself into a :cucumber: pickle. :grimacing:

Before you got started working on this order. You should’ve sent the buyer a gig extra.
Mo’ work = Mo’ money :money_mouth_face: It’s simple as that!

If the buyer declined the gig offer or gave you a hard time… Then it would’ve been a perfect time to CANCEL!

Since it didn’t go that way. You did the work and now the buyer wants a refund.
Unflippin’ believable!

Politely explain that you’ve completed the work BEYOND the scope of the gig at no extra cost.

If all else fails it’s up to you if you want to cancel or not.

Never ignore those red :triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post:


It was in MS Word. But there were no errors underlined.

I was trying to avoid the cancellation and they were very nice. They were even nice in asking to cancel.

Yes, their friend was too upset to deal with the booking.

Well now, isn’t that just lovely.

I know. :tired_face:

I am still kind of new. The problem is the only :black_flag: I saw was the cancelling one. :worried: But I am learning. Well time to go see what they said.


I steeled myself, and when I went to the order, the person had closed it. The 3.7 review they left said, “For the price, she gave me a few steps.”

Then in a message, they said they plan to have Fiverr review the letter to see if Fiverr agrees the letter was not error-free. I think I am okay there because ToS says:

Orders are not eligible to be canceled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.

In the rest of the message, they used “too” when they should have used “to.”

They ended by saying, “You are right though, you put in effort for this difficult task and I will continue to work on it from here.”

So I think the cancellation was all about them taking what I had done in the first place and using it.

Am I correct, a 4.6 is the lowest your Review rate can be?

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For keeping your current level? 4.8 in the last 60 days.

Good! I have 4.9! :blush:


As long as none of your analytics reaches the dreaded demotion red, you’re safe.

You could send him a custom offer within the order, asking for an extension, and if he rejects it, then you can go ahead and cancel the order.

Happy Forum Anniversary :tada: :balloon:@fastcopywriter just notice your :cake:. :smiley:


You haven’t replied. Make sure you provide your side of the story in a polite and professional manner. When I see a lower rating I always check what seller has to say about it.


Thank you. Love the forum, good times (when I don’t get banned)


Sorry to hear @vickiespencer. Such quandary in our freelancer’s daily life! On the bright side, you no longer have to choose between the difficult choices and you know how to handle the review effectively :slight_smile:

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Yes, thank goodness! :pray:

I offered to change the parts they wanted me to correct, they were only interested in a refund. :moneybag:

Oh, I did. :wink:

[quote=“pdfhelper, post:18, topic:226053”]
On the bright side, you no longer have to choose between the difficult choices and you know how to handle the review effectively :slight_smile:

I think I did a fine job on the review. :blush:

@fastcopywriter Happy Formaversary! Here is a toast to you. I was not sure if you like wine or beer so I brought both! :beers: :clinking_glasses:


What would be amusing if it weren’t so annoying is that when they saw your correct grammar, such as using the correct spelling of to/too, they probably thought it was errors on your part.

So now they are complaining to CS about your work to see if it is error free?
It sounds like complaining is an obsession with this person. I doubt if CS is going to go over your work and check it for errors. And the order is already completed.

Over time you will get a sixth sense when you first hear from a buyer like this and learn to quickly cancel.

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