I am in tention need help


“Every master was once a beginner”. My request to fiverr masters plz help me no buyer request are shown by me. one or two request is shown but they are not buyer they are spam sellers. Please help me…


To become a master Jedi… Knowledge is power, you’ll need a lightsaber (any color is fine).
Then learn the masterful ways of Jedi Master, Yoda. Be better than Padawan or Obi-Wan Kenobi! :pineapple:

May the force be with you.


Don’t worry. There’s no problem. It’s natural.


mam nasimafb plz check my gigs and tell me where is weak points (https://www.fiverr.com/ibadullahiqbal)


don’t worry it happens same time


Bro if you are master of the fiverr then humbly request to you check my gigs and tell me where is weak points (https://www.fiverr.com/ibadullahiqbal)


Background removal is a black hole on Fiverr. You have 1 million competitors, perhaps literally.

The your-logo-on-the-half-naked-girl gig is just slightly more promising, but $10 for a gig with no reviews ignores market reality.

Record a video (of you talking, not an explainer video) for each of your gigs. Edit yourself in with your artwork using a free wevideo.com membership. As an artist, you are basically selling yourself on Fiverr, not just your artwork. A video lets people see who they’re buying.

Imagine I’m selling cars. “I can’t show you the cars I’m selling, but if you give me some money, I’ll give you one.” That worked in East Germany. It doesn’t work on Fiverr. Let them see who you are, and you have a much better chance of selling your work.

Best of success to you.