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I am in weird situation!

So last week I received a message on my Instagram from someone telling me he messaged me on fiverr but fiverr did not let his message come through and he had no way to reach me other then searching on internet !

And finally he succeed finding me on Instagram and now he is asking me to work with him, and discuss things with him !

I notice that I had a message on fiverr with similar name but I cant contact him anymore !

Now, what should I do ? should I talk to him ? discuss thing on Instagram ?
or ask him to recreate fiverr account and start order on fiverr ?
Or I should totally ignore ?

If I talk to him on insta, am I breaking rules ? I never approached nor I ever talk to him on fiverr…I even haven’t reply him on my insta nor blocked…its been a week now. I played safe so far but I just want to know what can I do and what is good ?

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Can’t see how any good could come from this.


No. Talking to customers outside of Fiverr is prohibited. Read the ToS.

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He said he is not a client from Fiverr, he never communicated with him on Fiverr.

So basically he is just a person who reached out to him outside Fiverr and he has to decide is he honest enough to work for.

Fiverr TOS has nothing to do with this.


Hmm I did !
But I am not sure how I can consider this customer a fiverr customer when I have never interacted with him on fiverr !

How about this? He clearly says so himself.


You should be fine, this is outside of Fiverr. As long as it wasn’t a buyer that you drove towards your Instagram page, but instead landed on it, I don’t see why there would be a problem, as far as I know there’s no obligation to exclusively sell on Fiverr.


Well, I’m not sure how such a case is supposed to be treated, then. He clearly intended to hire you but failed to do so. Could be an excuse to discuss terms outside of Fiverr (sounds shady to me), what do we know.


That’s what I do, when buyers find me on facebook. Especially after saying no to providing any contact information, sometimes repeatedly.
Why would I want to trade safe(-ish) deals on Fiverr for shady one time things that might end up being a scam and risk losing my account here in the process?

Although if you want to accept I don’t think this would be ToS violation, as you didn’t provide him your contact info and that can be proven by your message history.


You are mixing apples and USB sticks.

If someone who doesn’t have Fiverr account looks through the freelancers sites, finds someone interested but he is not willing to use the site and contacts seller outside on his business web site or private profile, it is up to seller to decide to take the job.

I have my business site and many PRO designers have too. It is illogical to believe we only work on Fiverr for Fiverr. We have customers outside. In my case it is for all the other services I can do and have skills for but I can not put them here due to 7-10 GIG limit.

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Is his Fiverr account still active?

And can you see his message? If yes, does it seem harmless (for example, he tried to message you about papayas, but it didn’t go through because of pay in papaya)?

In short, can you tell if Fiverr blocked him for good reason, or was it something silly/automated/a bug?


Food references going in hard today.

That’s something else, though, isn’t it? If I’m just trying to gather contact info, I will look up the person to find their business and use their contacts to do so.

But to contact the seller on a freelancer site and to then contact them outside of it to discuss deals? That sounds shady to me.

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and if he did this, then yes, everything after this point falls under that site TOS.

But OP stated that he did. :neutral_face:

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[quote=“surajrenuka, post:1, topic:514923”]
he messaged me on fiverr but fiverr did not let his message come through

If someone tried and failed and I have no message in Inbox. It never happened.

I knew you were gonna say that. Which is also explained in the OP:

I dunno if you can then see the contents of the message, but clearly contact was attempted and apparently flagged. How many more red flags would you need in this case?

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His fiverr profile is no longer available and I even cant see his messages !

So here is what happened,
I got notification on my mobile about message where I could read half of line and later when I open that message on desktop his name was there but no message…

so I reply this on that conversation
“Hello :slight_smile:
did you sent me any message ? I can see that in caption but I didnt received it in my inbox ? can you please resend ?
Thank you”

Later I started my regular job and next day I saw “can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate.”

After couple of days I saw message request on my Instagram and read where the similar name guy was explaining me things and want to work with me…

Just move on, man. I know it’s hard to turn down customers sometimes, but tbh I’d not try any contact again. So many scammers, you can find them everywhere from ebay to the moon.


Long story short, if that was his account, and similar name is a strong indication, Fiverr decided he is a spammer.

Tell him you will work for him, but only after he pays you upfront $500000 with no string attached and buys you a house.

Only in that case say Yes.
Any other offer, stay with Fiverr and say NO.