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I am introducing..... Myself!

Hello, everyone!

I started this thread to show you some of my gigs.

For this moment I have only 3, but there will be more in a future.

  1. Forex ebook.

    I will send you my Forex ebook, which i wrote myself exclusively for fiverr. You won’t find it somewhere else.

    It is small, only 7 pages of text, but I explained there step-by-step how to get to the top of the Forex charts and make it your main job, not just a hobby. Just check it out!

  2. I will proofread any text in Russian, up to 1500 words. I am native Russian speaker with perfect grammar, so I will have no problems with proofreading. I will make it quick and perfect.

    ATTENTION! First 5 buyers will have this order doubled for the same price! 3000 words in Russian for the price of 1500 words. But remember, only first 5 buyers.

  3. I will generate 5 random science articles with 1500+ words each. Generation is random, so there is no real sense in those articles, but they are fun to read, and can be used to fill some doorway website or to prank someone. Some examples can be seen in gig gallery.

    ATTENTION! First 5 buyers will have this order tripled! That means that first 5 buyers will get 15 random articles for 5$, which is more than 22 000+ words. Don’t miss the chance!

    So, I think i’ve finished. If you feel interested, just click on my nickname and check my gigs for more description! :slight_smile:

    Thanks for your attention.

Maybe someone can give me some advice how to improve sales?

What is lacking in my gigs? What can I improve?

… Anyone? :slight_smile: