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I am join Fiverr Today

Hi everyone,
I am tuhin. I am joining Fiverr today. I create 4 gig Today. :man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing::man_dancing: via @fiverr via @fiverr



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welcome tuhin marketing your gig and go ahead

welcome tuhin to the best marketing place of the world

Completed 51 Projects of 46 client’s in Fiverr.

The above is from your profile description! :astonished:

yes . my old id had some prb. so i create new account. I complite 51 job, old id

Have you asked for permission to open a new account?

yes. i message fiverr support. than i delete my old account.

If you have permission suggest you remove that reference to previous orders as it is likely to put buyers off.

If I was astonished perhaps they would be too and buy from someone else.

ok. I will do It, very soon.

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can you again check it plaease.

It’s still showing on your profile description.

ok. I delete it. ma be need some time. 45.

Make sure to click update after you delete it.


Welcome! I hope to see 100+ positive reviews on your profile one day. Best of luck on Fiverr!


Thanks. But that is not possible @pshycicfairy570

welcome to fiverr, the marketplace is huge, so is the struggle when you get orders.
Try to keep up with it.

Best of luck

Hello @mohaiminultuhin

Welcome to Fiverr
Fiverr is the best marketplace😍
You choose right marketplace for freelancing :heavy_check_mark:

Do freelancing at fiverr
Best of luck for your journey :+1:

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