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I am just curious! Please someone answer this

Hi, Some days ago, I was looking through a seller’s profile and they had negative reviews from some buyers saying “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver in time”.
Today, I saw similar reviews on another seller profile. I just wanted to ask that if a buyer cannot leave a review after order cancellation then how come they left a negative review about a cancelled order?
Can somebody explain this, please!!


If an order goes too late (a couple of days late? I’m not sure exactly how many) the buyer is given the option of cancelling and if they accept that option to cancel it posts that automatic review and rating and cancels their order.


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Unfortunately these automatically come up if the buyer cancels after 24 hours after the delivery is late. The message and one-star is written by Fiverr, not the buyer. It’s so misleading to buyers because it looks like they did it. It also misrepresents them by purporting to be a rating and message they did.