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I am just gonna share my fiverr experience here


Hello guys, I don’t know if this is the appropriate place to post my fiverr experience, but it has been bothering me for few days and I have to speak up to let it out.

I just had such a negative experience with a seller.

So, I bought voice over service from a seller. Before I sent my request, I have also fully disclosed my intention of use on those voice line, and ask if she could do it, by the way those lines are totally sfw. And she agreed to do it. It only costed 10 dollars, but since she did the work nice and quick, I added 25 dollars tip. After few days, I bought her service again, with exact same procedure: asking for approval, and tipped 25 for 10. I also gave her 5 stars rate each time.

Few days ago, I found out her fiverr was not available to me. I thought she was busy in real life so she put a cease on it. One day I accidentally logged off, and found out her fiverr still there, but when i logged in, it says “not available”, up to this point, I realized that she blocked me…

I have absolute no idea why she did this, I wish I could just show u guys our chat log, but I cant due to the policy here. I was being extreme polite, and treated her with respect. Everything was fine, her last words to me is “you are so kind”… then for whatever reason, she blocked me. I don’t wanna say it, but this experience just gave me an expression that sellers on fiverr can just do whatever they want. I mean, I am a reasonable person, if I have ever did anything that offended her, or made her uneasy, she could just tell me, and I will stop. Not to mention I treated her with respect, and paid 50 dollars tips for her service… and she just blocked me without a reason. I tried to use a different account to ask her why she blocked me, but she blocked me right away again…

So , this is my story. It feels really suck, and I have to post here to share with you guys… and this experience is so bad that I have literally deactivated my account.


That’s strange. I’m sorry it’s had a negative impact on your perception of the platform as a whole and I would ask that you might reconsider. I imagine if it happened multiple times, the seller thinks she has a reason to block you, and a big reason it must be to lose a good customer. Again, it’s a one time scenario; plus, you had a great interaction with the seller otherwise. Don’t think that we’re all going to block you just because one person did.

I’m sure you could find another great VO seller to work with.


Thank you for your reply! Actually before this incident, I already encountered two unwanted scenario… since I am new to fiverr, I am also a learner here, but I guess I am just being really unlucky…

I sent my very first request to a seller, waited for few days, and she disputed my order for “personal reason”. So I talked to her, she said she felt uncomfortable doing my request. I guess it is my fault since I didn’t consult with her before I sent my request.

Then I found another seller, fully explained my request, and she said she did this type of request before, so she approved of doing it. I waited for few days, this seller disputed my order for “personal reason” as well. I asked her why, she said there was unfortunate incident (I paraphrased her words, not to show exact details) happened in her real life, she just didn’t have the mood to do the work right now. Well…okay, I understand, I couldn’t force her to do it anyway, so I moved on.

Up to this point, I have already waited for more than 10 days and received nothing… I have kinda lost faith, but I decided to give one more try. And this time, I was being extreme polite and careful with my wording, and fully disclosed my request as detailed as I could, because I was really afraid my order gonna get disputed again. However, this time, it turned out to be a great experience. I was really happy and gave her 25 dollars tips for a 10 dollars service, which stated in my main thread…and the chemistry was great, we even had some little chat besides business. I was looking forward to have a long-term business with her, and she seems to be a really nice and cheerful person as well, until not so long, I got blocked from her for no reason. Maybe she did have a reason… but I could never figure it out.


Could it be that the seller found it uneasy to work on your project? You’ve already mentioned that the job was SFW. However, did your project have any elements/aspects to it that could have made a few VO artists uneasy?

That’s the only explanation I can think of. :thinking:


I have to say that this is what I was thinking as a I read it too. It might not have been anything specific to you as a buyer at all. If the seller knew that the work was for something related to adult services even if it was totally SFW, they might have felt comfortable with it and been happy to do it at first.

Fiverr has a kind of vague rule in the ToS that refers to adult services and the seller could have read it and become nervous, thinking they could get in trouble for doing anything even remotely related to an adult site no matter how tame. When Fiverr warns a seller about something they can be really hard about it, so some sellers are understandably nervous if they find out something could get them in trouble even if they don’t have a personal objection.

It’s something to consider. If your orders fall in that category I would suggest that you look for an experienced seller with a long history who specifically says in their gig or FAQ that they are fine with VO related to adult industries. That would usually be a seller who has already done many similar jobs and won’t get nervous. They will tend to be more expensive due to experience, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. Good luck!

Sorry, btw, this was meant for @leonre3 but I think that I responded to hanshuber by using the quote. Oops. :slight_smile:


@hanshuber16 @fonthaunt The script I provides is nothing to do adult service. The only reason I put SFW here is just to emphasis it. I didn’t know SFW has an implication of adult content related, my bad.

Still, I mean if this seller felt uneasy with my request, she could just told me straight forward …this is why I fully explained my order before even I posted it, I need to make sure shes comfortable doing it. I am also a business person, I know the protocol and manner regarding business communication. If she didn’t want me to buy service from her again, I will just leave for good. Instead of simply blocking me without saying a word. Up to this point, I am done figuring out why she blocked me, I will just have to move on… thank you for reply!


Best of luck. One other thing you might keep in mind is that Fiverr could have blocked the seller from you. That does happen. If the seller got a little advertising-zealous and sent out multiple offers to previous buyers, they could have been shut down for spam. It’s not at all uncommon and you would get exactly the same type of block message. Sellers come to the forum all the time suggesting to other sellers that it would be a good idea to sent out discount offers to previous buyers and even some veteran sellers don’t realize their messages can be shut down for that. That’s my only other guess. I don’t know what kind of VO you need but I do know some excellent artists. You can feel free to message me personally if you would like recommendations.


What you could do is put relevant keywords in your search to help find the voice over sellers that are most likely to be best suited to your request/voice over script.


I am pretty sure she blocked me personally, because I messaged her with another account, and she blocked me right away after knowing it was me. ( I have deactivated that account as well after that )

Anyway, Thank you so much, I appreciate for your kindness. I feel much better now after I spoke this unpleasant experience out, and knowing there are many people that are willing to help me out ! I will come back in future.:blush:


I’m really sorry hearing your sad experience and hope that you’ll get other good sellers here in Fiverr easily.

But is it legit to having a 2nd account or useing some other’s account?