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I am Just Stuck Somebody Please Help

I am a Level One Seller on Fiverr…
I was getting orders that i alone can’t handle but i done it by working hard day and night.
I was getting order without any buyer requests.
And Now my 3 gigs are just Deranked…
I don’t know why…
I was getting awesome impressions and now everything just suck…
I was on 1st page and now i am on 12th page…
What should i do to gain my position back.
Kindly please tell me about it.

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First off, Fiverr is not Google, so there is no such thing as page ranking here.

For example, if you are offering digital marketing services and three different Buyers conducted a search for “digital marketing” your Gig would show up in different places for each searcher.

So, don’t get all hung up on ‘ranking’ as it is a myth.

Second, Fiverr rotates Gigs.

They have been doing this since after a million newbies joined the platform since COVID.

Gig Rotation ensures that EVERYONE here gets a kick at showing up in prime locations during searches.

Your Gigs will see more impressions…soon.

Plus, since there are so many newbies here, the competition is greatly increased.

That means, if you were one of 12,000 Sellers with digital marketing services a few months ago, you are now one in 230,000 or so.

That is going to cut into your impression stats.

So…it’s the way things are here.

Concentrate on making your Gigs stand out and that will give you an edge.

Good luck.


Thank You soo much! Looseink
Your reply means alot to me!
But how much time will it take…its been a month…
And i searched for my gig in buying mode the services there are just slightly increased and i see some clients with no reviews are on first page and i am with 43 reviews are on 12th page ?
Why this happens ?

Check out this topic: Welcome to "Fiverr 3.0"! - #533 by komzy589


I saw the link you provided but my response rate,order completion rate everything is 100%.
Yes i got cancelled order from a client 3 months ago.
But after then i also complete some orders by clients not through buyer requests.
I recently done 3 orders from buyer requests which i recieved 5 star rating.
But my gig is still deranked.
I am just not getting the answer why ?
And What should i do for now ?

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Thanks for share valuable information