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I am kinda lost, I just need a bit of direction


I need an inspection sheet created for an automobile repair shop. I need it to have check boxes and categories for, good, fair, needs repair. I looked through the categories and could not find quite what I think will be someone that can create this for me. Any suggestions as to where I need to look?



hello sheilla,
im kingsley and i may be able to help you on you out

please send me your desires


I am happy to recommend someone please feel free to pm me.


Hi @mysticalmorning , have a nice day.
I have made same kind of designs befor for automobile company .
I can help you with unlimited revision .
Contact me for more information .
Thank you


Hi Sheila. You could check categories for Excel/Word/PDF as any of these tools could be used to set up a form.


Thanks everyone!! I will get in touch!