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I am level 2 seller But i am not getting orders since 2 months

I am level 2 seller. I have always provided my good services. But in the previous 2 month i don’t know i am not getting orders. I have refreshed my gig tags and also the pictures many time. But My gig impressions are not increasing yet. i have shared my gigs to different blogs and events many time on the daily basis. I was thinking due to Christmas may be ?


Are you taking the time to market and promote your services to the target customers that need them? Usually, you aren’t going to have many sales unless you reach out to the people who need what you have to offer. YOU are responsible for your success. It is unwise to expect Fiverr to provide all the work, or a steady stream of customers for you.

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Yes.i am working hard. i am sure i will get my success again andThank you for your valuable time.

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I am facing same situation now. I don’t know what to do. And nothing is helping.

I think your gig should be redesigned

Hi there.
Same thing happens to me around 1 month ago.
Suddenly order drop to the last.
Gig Impression fall from 11K to around 6K

After i read someone else post, i decide to update my gigs.
Simple update for my gigs, and pay for the fiverr promotion gigs.

This last two weeks, order keep coming again, and even overbooked.
So…, Yes…, i think Fiverr change their alogaritm again, and we need to refresh our gigs.
This is my opinions.

Wish you luck,