I am level 2 seller, But my sales have reduced from before


Please help me friends.

In the start after level 1 , i got good orders and since i have been promoted to level 2, i reduced the number of orders, I dont know why this happens,

I have edited the gigs as well.

Any good suggestions to get more orders and improve my sales.


Just hang in there, if you are not responding to requests, do so every day. Best wishes.


I keep a running thread where I record all the tips and tricks I’ve learned to keep my sales going on Fiverr. Maybe it’ll help you? You can read it here: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/58062/32-detailed-tips-to-optimize-your-gigs-and-start-selling-today The easiest thing I can recommend is to update your gig videos every 2 to 4 weeks. I can confirm from my own experience and watching my own metrics that the Fiverr search system gives preferential treatment to gigs with new or updated videos.


There isn’t much of a correlation between levels and sales. Fiverr has ups and downs. Be consistent and I’m sure sales will go back to normal soon!


Maybe you can find some jobs within the buyer request area? Or try promoting elsewhere and see what happens… just stay positive.


yes i am suffering same issue, some day i got very good orders and some day no order.

fiverr sales up and down so you need to continuously promote your gigs and wait for smooth orders :slight_smile:


I respond to requests regularly.


Hopefully by January, sales will spike up again