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I am level 2 seller from 7 days i can not show my gigs in fiverr when i search in fiverr


my gigs are not show in fiverr search list from 7 days.
And for that i can not get any message and order.
can anyone help me for this problem.


Hey, @imranhossain14 you just need to edit your gig ! Don not do major edit …Any word or search tag change will be enough ! Give it try :slight_smile:


ok i will try it but when i click online gigs in search but my gigs are not there.


it sucks man, my gigs are also not showing after being promoted to level 1


I think we need to promote our gigs by shareing


And how do you propose “promoting [your] gigs by sharing”? What does that even mean?


Fiverr doesn’t guarantee where a gig will be found in search or category as these gigs are rotated all of the time, please understand that Fiverr is very dynamic and competitive and you may want to try refresh/adjust/edit your Gig periodically.


share and paid campaign