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I am level 2 seller. Kindly suggest edits in my gig to improve it

Hey Fiverr community,

Kindly guide me how i can improve my gig (all things title, tags, description and images)?
Suggest some edits that i have to make right now to make the gig attracting.

Thanks in advance!


Once the gig is up, no more editing

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Why’s that? I think editing is important to update your gig to reflect trends in the industry you provide services.


Duplicate gigs are against the TOS, as is putting your level in the gig.

That said, why do you want to change anything? You’re still getting orders, don’t mess with what’s not broken.

Also, your profile description:

There are some small typos in there. Aside from that, though, you have no gigs offering banner ads, though it’s listed in the description. (You also say ‘banner’ three times. Is there a difference between a Facebook cover and a Facebook banner?)


Thanks for reply. I am getting orders through requests. I want the gig to appear in fiverr search. FRom april 2018 to nov 2019 i hardly got 4,5 orders in total and all were from repeated buyers.

Do I need to change gig images? I think these will be more eye catching. Kindly suggest something

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Yes you are right but My all editings in past were useless. Kindly mention some trend related to logo design

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@pomraforehead editing gigs worked for some of the sellers.

I feel like you are using too many gigs to sell. And I feel like you do so many types of logos under different gigs. And most of the content in those gigs are similar. It’s important you create unique content for every gig. hope this helps.

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Check your gig images from your profile.
Most of the images are fine in-and-of-themselves, but are cropped oddly, and so need to be modified so as to be framed better in the thumbnail view.

Have you taken the free Fiverr Learn course yet? There’s some really good thoughts in there.