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I am Level-2 seller with 135 positive reviews, no negative review but "Available Now" is not Enable

I am Level-2 seller, I have completed more then 160 Order. Still I am getting more order in my gig, Now I have 2 bulk order in progress :slight_smile:
Moreover, I have received 135 positive reviews, There is no any negative review. But"Available Now" is not Enable. Positive rating 5 star. Everything is 100%. Hereis my profile :

can you help me about this please?


It’s in beta testing at the moment so not everybody has it. :sunny:

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@offlinehelpers Thanks you!
But Last time it was not BETA testing when it was enable?

Here’s some more info which may help:

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But, someone can active this “Available Now” feature. But why?

I don’t know I’m afraid - you’d need to ask Fiverr how they choose?

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okay thanks for your help :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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