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I am level-one seller, but in recent my gig doesn't show in search on Fiverr

Hello, everyone?
I have become a level-one seller last month, but this month my gig’s impressions are going down.
And even my gigs are not shown in search of Fiverr.
Of course, they are all activated and some of them have good reviews as you can see on the following links:

I don’t know why this has happened.
Last month, I had good impressions of about 100 marks per day, but now it is almost 0 marks per day.
It seems because I haven’t got a client for the past one month.
What should I do now for my gig to be good status on search as before?


Keep sharing bro Your gig

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Thanks for your kind answer.
What kind of sharing is the best for gig improvement do you think?