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I am level one seller now my gigs sales day by day drop down

I am level one seller now my gigs sales day by day drop down .Please help me some advice what i am doing now.



Dear please send a request to buyers daily and read articles on Fiverr Academy to improve your sale.


Dear @shohanasharmin0,

It’s sorry to hear that you aren’t getting sales and your sales are dropping. At first, I would like to say you “Wow” as you and I are in the same position on the basis of five stars and the number of reviews on the account (11 reviews with a 5-star). That’s awesome :heart_eyes:

It’s very natural to get order after a break. No one on Fiverr(included some level 2 or more experienced sellers) get the regular order. There are very few people who get order regularly. But as we are just in Level 1, I personally think, we should keep patience to rolling our sales.

Keep sharing your gigs to the social sites and send the Buyers Request whenever you find a suitable job there according to your skill.

I too don’t get the regular order. Sometimes it takes much time to get the order. But sometimes get 2/3 orders at a time. So, don’t worry and keep patience. You will certainly get orders soon.

Best of Luck.
Minthal Ahmed Masum

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Hi there,
I am also facing same problem nowadays. I don’t know what to do. But one thing there, if you get lot of impressions of your gig you will get definitely order as well.
Mahmood Ul haq

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Same problem facing. help me?

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Thanks for your information.

Be patient & Wait for orders. DON’T expect too much as you may get hurt. This small sentence is the Key to Success.

Thanks for your information.

  1. Update your GIG info
  2. Benchmark it with the top rated sellers and renew
  3. Spread you word to the people who is looking for your service
  4. Don’t sit back , invest your time and effort
  5. Check buyer requests and send quality well detailed offers
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Thanks for your information.

Thanks i will try it

Thanks i have try it continuing

I have try many method.But no improvement .

At first, congratulation for level one.
For improve your selling -
Send every day 10 buyer requestss (Related to your gig).
Do marketing of your gigs in social media.
Improve your gig quality (Check similar gigs of top rated sellers.
Hope you will get the orders soon. Best of luck :slight_smile:

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