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I am level one!


I am happy that I become level 1 seller! Now it will be hard work for level two, but I believe I will reach this level soon! I am happy with my gig - writing unique articles and content, cause the people were happy to work with me. Wish me luck and I will wish to all of you!


I just got level one today as well! (no fair, your icon says level one in this forum and mines is still a, well, I don’t know what it is a, a cow maybe LOL. Its ok, at least it has the correct icon in the actual Fiverr marketplace. Congrats!


Reply to @feltonlegal:

It can take up to 72 hours for it to change on the forums


@yordanov Awesome news. keep up the great work and you will be level two in no time at all.


In my suggestion level two is not good comparing to level one. I am level two seller but still i am not getting much order comparing to level one.


I salute you! <:-P I need to complete 1 order in a few days or I would start from scratch…


Congrats!! Good luck to level 2 :slight_smile: I just became level one this week two… Pretty nice feeling ehh :wink:


Congrats to you yordanov!!! I bet thats exciting!! Keep up the great work!!..All it takes is will, persistence and goal.!!! Good luck in your continuation as well as to everyone else!!


@alexcreativity what is the reason that you are not getting much order?


Reply to @stacylou: Thanks a lot! I wish you more sales and high levels!


Congrats @yordanov keep working hard you will get lot more work.


Hay @yordanov Congrats ! I am new on !


Congrats!! Wish you very good luck too. :slight_smile:


Congratulations!! I am diligently working to achieve level 1 as well. All the best.


Reply to @ratna2013: I don’t know may be communication skills mater a lot :slight_smile:


Congratulations and keep up the good work.