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I am looking for a web designer to partner with

I own a web hosting, development, and design company but I don’t have time to do the design work. I am looking for someone I can partner with to do 20-30 websites. Basically, as quickly as we finish a site I can sell and get another site for us. I am using Wordpress as the backend and a custom theme based on the Foundation CSS framework from Zurb ( I have the experience and knowledge to do the work I just don’t have the time because I also have a day job. My biggest need is for someone who can create the initial website design and then translate it to HTML / CSS using the Foundation framework. I can then move that into the Wordpress theme if you don’t know Wordpress. I prefer flat and clean website designs without a lot of clutter. I have a monthly subscription to for stock images and also the Cloud9 development environment.

Foundation | The Most Advanced Responsive Front-end Framework from ZURB