I am looking for a writer to write description of my photographs


I want to find a writer who can help me to write good description for my photgraphs. It seems not easy to find one here, please [-O< !


I am not sure if anyone would have an option for making descriptions for photographs, but you could probably check for any Gig that involves copywriting or writing text and ask if they can do it for you.

Make sure to have a good chat about how big a description it should be per photo, how many photos and what language.

If you can’t find anyone that matches what you are looking for, feel free to contact me and I will make a Gig for it for you (oh entrepeneur me :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hi, Thank you so much for great suggestion and help!

I try to search keyword ‘copywriting or writing text’ first. I am appreciated what you offered to help me if I can’t find one ^:)^ , I may back to you for [-O<



I may be able to help, vwj1898. I have a Gig which is 1000 words written on anything. Send me a message which provides a few more details and let’s see what we can work out.



Reply to @vwj1898: I can help you write the descriptions for your photographs. I have a gig for original content and at this stage due to be hacked last week I am ready to work for feedbacks :slight_smile: contact me :slight_smile:


I wrote cutlines for newspaper photographs for years and have helped art students in the past describe their projects in gallery statements. Check me out (jimmy pudge) and let’s get you started.


Feel free to send me details and we can work something out. I’m currently looking for work, and my price is 1,000 words per $5. c:


Senor, if you need any quality writings, you can order our express GIG marked by Fiverr. Contact us for further queries,Thank you.


Think you might be a bit late - the original post is 3 years old.