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I am looking for someone who is experienced in 3D figure modeling (Poser, DAZ 3D)

I’m looking for someone to create an e-book cover, but I have specific requirements, and it’s put me in a dilemma. I have browsed dozens of very skilled artists here, but none of the sample work seems to illustrate what I am looking for.

I am looking to commission an e-book cover for my e-book, and this is what I am looking for. I am looking for three figures on my e-cover: a heroic muscular male character wearing a superhero type costume, an attractive female character, buxom and shapely but also tastefully attired, as well as a monster villain character. The attached picture illustrates a rough idea of what I am looking for. My humanoid figures are similar to heroic humans, with the exception that human ears located on the side of the head are relocated as round ears just behind the top of the head. The enclosed cover illustrates a rough idea of what I am looking for.

Optimistically, these figures would be reusable for repeat illustrations elsewhere for a future deluxe edition of my book. I’d like to repeatedly offer business to the same artist so as to have a consistent look for my figures. Ultimately, I will be looking to commission about 30 figures long term (some of these figures are actually child or senior versions of the same figure [flexibility is a plus here]. One or more of the figures could be potentially used in future animations.

Naturally, I would own the licenses to these characters, but would be more than happy to commission and credit your work in my book, as well as paying a mutually acceptable rates for the creation of these figures. I am not at all looking to get something for nothing, and I believe that we should talk about what you are capable of, and what’s an acceptable price for your work.

I look forward to reviewing your existing work to see if it’s compatible with what I am looking for.

My characters are sort of alien humanoid superheroes, and would be willing to discuss this further. Please contact me with a message in my Fiverr inbox.

My grateful appreciation to everyone reading my message.

P.S. An example of what I am NOT looking for is a collager. For copyright reasons, I must be able to copyright and trademark your works. A previous Fiverr seller purportedly offered custom e-books, but I later discovered he was a collager, who simply collaged existing artworks into a finished product. This was not only a misrespresentation to me, but introduces a whole host of problems, as the work he was going to collage belonged to other people, and could have potentially gotten me into trouble had I used it in my own work without their consent, credit, or compensation. So please make sure that the works you create for me are wholly your own works, and not “cribbed,” “borrowed” (stolen) from other works creators. Sorry for the long post, all!