I am looking for this kind of Wordpress-gig?


Hello there fellow Fiverrs! ^^,

I am looking for a very simple CSS+Wordpress-gig that can create some very simple design and alignment for my wordpress elements (navigation-bar, main-content, widget-bars) where nav-bar will be on top-left, main-content to the left and below nav-bar, and widget-bars to the top-right below the nav-bar.

I already have an “empty theme” that has all the CSS you need and all you really need to do is to change margins, padding, float certain elements etc. (see attached picture for what it looks like when applying empty theme).

Each “div”-box will use border-radius 25px so it looks like “clouds” and have some margins between them. The nav-bar should be text with some padding so each button is easy to click on and some nice 3D-effect when moving cursor over it (this can be done easily with CSS a:hover-coding).

I would also like some dark blue to kinda dark blue gradient background for the whole wordpress-theme. The fiverr who helps me with this for a couple of gigs will also get her or his name at the footer as “Theme Designer: FIVERR-ACCOUNT”-name with a link to your gig that is follow for search engine robots! ^^, since I strongly believe that when someone does something good everyone else deserves to know it! :wink:

Anyone who knows a GOOD CSS+Wordpress expert who has proven him- or herself of being able to create simple, yet professionally looking wordpress-themes?

I do not demand any fancy graphical design or fancy pictures or any of that sort, just a plain layout with some unique properties to it and that is flexible when adding widgets (although we can talk more about this so we know the limitations and the needed CSS-coding for this).

I know and understand CSS and Wordpress pretty well, but I haven’t done so much coding in it, but I do understand if u throw out code-snippets to me or words such as float, div, font, php, html, meta, head, etc.,.

Ok, tons of text, anyone who is or who knows someone who is CSS+Wordpress expert? ^^, please report to me ASAP!

Take Care & Have An Awesome New Years Eve! / Max “MaxTheMarketer” K.


Yes, I will able to help you


5 years later? Pay attention to details :wink: