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I Am Loosing Interest, for some reasons

Working on Fiverr has been a new experience. before now, i used to take time out to do music lessons. But so far, working on Fiverr as a freelance gets me super busy and brainstorming. I kinda love it and am already loosing interest in doing some sessions. I am sure you have similar experiences. Share yours also my friend.

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Some friendly advice from someone who’s been here many years. Don’t allow Fiverr to overtake your life. It is work. Try not to end up working until midnight just because a buyer says their job is urgent. Your life, health and wellbeing are more important.


Working on fiverr; creating gigs, learning stuff and all, it has all affected my routine a lot. I would generally write at least one article for my blog with in 2 days but now it takes an average of 4-5 days as most of my time I spend it on fiverr sending buyer requests and reading other topics. as you might know or not but having a gap of few days really affect one’s writing routine, it feels lazy to pick your paper and pen again.

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Thanks friend. Lovely advice.

We are on the same both. But somehow, there will be a way out. Thanks

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