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I am loosing traffic on fiverr

before 4-5 days i started loosing fiverr impressions and clicks on my page. please is it a technical issue or i should contact support?

sometimes is just the seasons or just new competition I think. I notice fiverr I think rotates their listings. Just market your gig outside of fiverr. I do and it helps a lot.

thanks yeah i am advertising my gig outside. can fiverr support do something on this?

can u give me some more ways to advertise?

Hey, sorry I stepped away from this, the best dude is just do outside marketing, like blogs or youtube channel, things like that, if you study the successful fiverr people you will see they are popular outside of fiverr too. I was thinking of buying some tweet gigs on here for real twitter followers so they can see what I offer, you know what I mean? You can try using fiverr gigs, sure you invest a little bit but sometimes you got to to start off like that, plus you got to think about what your goals are, work hard and you will get results, like any other business that you can work in you know?


When you create a new gig, it shows up on the Fiverr front page under “new and noteworthy”, rotating through with other recent gigs until it isn’t so new anymore. So at first, new gigs have an influx of impressions, which then tend to go down. It’s not a technical problem, just the way Fiverr works. Eventually your gig gets indexed for the search engine and you might see a more steady rate of impressions.

thanks for your support can i promote my gigs on traffic exchange? or it’s against fiverr tos?

Hey atuldayal. You should daily promote your gig on facebook, twitter, pinterest etc.

Reply to @atuldayal: please dont use traffic exchange or any visitors bot i have some bad experiance may be cs team remove your all gig search list

i am promoting on Facebook and twitter but it’s not working

hello pubudurox can u tell what steps u took to achieve level 2 ?


@atuldayal There are many excellent posts on the forums with good advice on how to succeed on Fiverr. Check out the “Tips for Sellers” and “Fiverr FAQ” forums. Use the search engine to find answers to specific questions.