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I am lost in fiverr


I am using fiverr for first time and I haven’t idea how to work , anyone help me?


For sellers, you want to read through the Terms of Service and the Fiverr Academy!
If you still have questions after reading those thoroughly, come ask us :slight_smile:


Try to take the time and explore this:


My question is, I paid for promotion on pinterest, is this for that?


If you’re a new Fiverr buyer, this should help you:


Hello, if you paid for promotion on Pinterest, what is being promoted since you have no gigs?


Create some gigs, try to explore the site.


But I have shop on etsy, it should be enough with upload the link of items.


I thought at first you meant you want to know how to use fiverr. But if you have an etsy shop that is not what this forum is used for.


if you are a sellers waht are your skills?
and if you are a buyer what are you looking for?


I paid for being in 10 groups on pinterest of etsy


@nube_8_6 it seems you’ve jumbled up some things. What do you want to do on fiverr? When you are able to answer that, we can think of how to help. Meanwhile, you will want to read all of the recommended articles above to know what this platform is meant for.


I paid for
being in pinterest groups and to be promoted and it’s this website or app what I had, I didn’t want this, I wanted to be on pinterest groups boards as I paid


Again, there’s no relationship between pinterest and fiverr (at least on operational basis). And, you DO NOT pay to join fiverr. Retrace your steps and see where you’ve veered off.


Did you buy a gig where somebody offered to promote your etsy store on pinterest?

Is there any way you could explain this a bit more for us please, because we’re just guessing at the moment. :slight_smile:


This isn’t pinterest or etsy, this is fiverr. This forum is for users of fiverr. Are you saying you are trying to get to pinterest on the fiverr app?

What is it that you didn’t want? To be on fiverr?


I have an etsy store, a day reading the forum on etsy a girl said the secret of her sell much more and I read, to be a member of pinterest groups etsy but paying once you did that people can see your store and have customers and sells, so, I paid for sells and customers because my store would be more popular and aument the traffic, but rarely I got fiverr, I don’t understand why. I want my money back


I’m sorry, I still don’t see where Fiverr comes in - did you pay a Fiverr seller to promote your etsy shop on pinterest?


So you paid a fiverr seller to put your store on pinterest but you did not get customers to your store from that?
Did the fiverr seller do what they said they would do?


Ooops, who did you pay, and did any Fiverr seller asked you to pay to make your etsy shop popular? please explain in details how did you end up here, did someone bring you here and asked you to pay to get popular on etsy? Maybe write in your own language and someone will understand your story, we can also use google translation … who did you pay, how? and where?