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I am loving it.....being A Fiverr Seller!


I am a Forex Trader and A Forex Expert Advisor Programmer. I ventured on fiverr by chance, if you must say. But it has been a nice experience ever since. :wink: . It is nearing 2months now and I have done some excellent gigs for my fantastic clients (all of them, I must say I am pretty lucky to have encountered the best till date). During this period I have been able to maintain my 100% rating, quite an achievement honestly. Once again, many thanks to my understanding clients.

I try my best to understand client requirements even before they place the order. I always advise them to contact me first for possibilities and probabilities for prospective deals, should they happen. I am loving being on fiverr getting to know some very fantastic clients.

Thank you fiverr!

Let the Sales continue…BANG BANG!


Reply to @inputproduction:

Hi John,

I have put your fiverr link on my best selling gig recommending you for your work. Hope that is ok with you. It might just help.




Many thanks! I am sure you too will have a wonderful time selling on fiverr. Patience, faith and positive attitude towards your clients will help you a lot not just on fiverr but everywhere. Good luck buddy.


Congratulations on that! I’m personally looking forward to receiving my first sales as well. We’ll see what happens.