I am making my personal website can I put Fiverr work as Portfolio?


I am making my personal website can I put Fiverr work as Portfolio and also the reviews? Is that against the terms of Fiverr.


You can only add links that are detailed on here:


Absolutely not… You can’t. fiverr don’t allow any personal website or social media link in profile description or gigs.


I am not saying about profile or GIG I mean I am making my personal website can I put FIVERR WORK on that website like I need to add my past work on my website can I use FIVERR works on that or Reviews by clients to show on my website


It’s best to ask CS about this.


Sorry - I misunderstood! :wink:


Basically I guess I too was not that clear :slight_smile: Another person too gave same answer, so I think my mistake hahah :smile:


Yes, I emailed them too. They reply late and I searched on forum no such topic was there so thought may be let me ask and might help anyone else too.


I wanted to do the same. I wanted to put my gigs on my portfolio site. So that I can redirect my clients to Fiverr. But reading this post, I am feeling a bit confused now.


That’s good. They’re the only ones who can give you the official answer.

I’m sure that there are many sellers with the same question, so please let us know what CS told you! :slight_smile:


i had this same question before. And the answer is you can’t ! don’t do it it doesn’t matter if its your portfolio or what. you can use youtube or flicker to showcase it.


I got a reply for now and the CS said they are trying to get in contact with Higher Authorities for this and will get back to me.

@chathurangak If they give me same answer then we have to surely follow this. I guess they are not wrong too because its considered outside work and someone can even contact us direct on websit. But I was think when showing portfolio we give credit to Fiverr in each one


Hi, If you want to show the portfolio, you can use Flickr.


I asked them a while back about this, but I’ll look forward to hearing what CS says now, as things may have changed in recent months - I’d be really interested to find out again!

Many thanks in advance for keeping us updated! :slightly_smiling_face:


You know what? There first reply was same what you said :stuck_out_tongue: Then I cleared to theme hahaha and again they said wrong answer that you can promote your gig on social media.

So now clearing again :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you for your patience. You will need the permission of your buyers to show the work you did for them on your website. Without their permission, you will not be able to show the work you did on your personal site.

In regards to the reviews you received, you may show these on your site but you cannot use the Fiverr logo or name other than to show you are a seller on our site.


Thank you so much for updating us on this! :slightly_smiling_face:

What they’ve said has indeed changed slightly so well worth your asking.


Yes, I guess atleast that will be enough for now that we can showcase our work after the permission.


Basically you’re seller of fiverr not employee of fiverr. So that, you can showcase your own work anywhere any place because of that’s all work made by you and you’re selling at fiverr as Seller not as employee. So i think there nothing can restrict you.


I was thinking in a way that Fiverr might like credit it as:

You got the work because of our platform

That is why I was little worried. Moreover the terms here are such that it made me think twice.