I am missing an order I Paid for


Sorry but as a customer if you take my money I expect customer service not a forum! I bought a gig with extras and have a transaction number from paypal but it does not show up in my payment history or gigs. I do not see the seller information either. I would cancel the order but I can not because it does not show up. I really hate the fact that there is NO customer service for payment transaction…


On the Paypal website, you needed to check (or uncheck) the button that says to initiate a bank transferral. If you had money in your Paypal balance, doing so would have sent the payment immediately and the order would have been sent through. If you didn’t have a paypal balance, then a bank transferral would have been initiated anyway. The transferral can take days to complete and is why you can’t find the order.

This is something that Fiverr has no control over.