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I am new and a little late to the party I see

Hello, I am a new seller and I write web content, copywrite, and I write amazing poetry. I know that sounds crazy right? Anyway, I setup my first 3 gigs and all is well. Question, how often are stats updated once you post a new gig? It doesn’t appear to be real-time.



Hey there, and welcome to Fiverr!

No, that doesn’t sound crazy at all - why do you think that? There are so many poets in the world at this very moment, and if you think about it, poetry appeared way before written text, so it basically helped shape cultures, people, shape the world itself :slight_smile:

Indeed they’re not real-time - they get updated on a daily basis :wink:

Thanks Woofy31.

I say that because I write not only content but Poetry as well. I like to write about different things. Poetry today is not what it used to be. Most poetry is on a micro-level. Small chunks of text. Almost fortune cookie-like. I think because of IG and Twitter, this became a norm. Gone are the long metered verses. I do agree with you on what you said though…

Thanks for letting me know about stats, I had figured it was only once a day. Hard to keep tabs on how your gigs are doing and any trends since it’s lumped together.


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