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I am new at fiverr and i need help for my gig

Hello everyone,
I joined the fiverr in July 2018 my first month experience was really good but from last 1 month i didn’t even received any message …and the impression is getting down continuously I don’t know what’s happening do you have any suggestions for me?

Check this out : for how to get orders.

Hello deepanshi1722,

Congratulations on already completing at least 5 orders with 5-star reviews.

I had a look at your gigs. Although you’ve mentioned your experience in your profile, I’d suggest that you mention a sentence or two in your gig descriptions, too.

At the end, instead of just saying:


You could post a link to your portfolio that you can create in one of the sites approved by Fiverr. You can find a list of approved sites here:

You could also try and look for prospective buyers (wherever they might be) and try and convince them to purchase your gigs.

Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:

thank you so much for the reply…
I was so confused that what i should do
I will create a portfolio on any website
and how can i contact buyers?
I mean there is only one way to contact buyers and i.e., buyers request but no one is contacting me…

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Yep. You got that right. There is no other way of contacting buyer other than through sending offers in response to buyer requests.

Otherwise, if there was a way for sellers to directly contact buyers, the buyers would be SWAMPED by millions of spam messages from sellers and no buyer would want to experience that :slight_smile:

If you want to have a better chance of converting the sent buyer request offers into orders, I’d suggest that you go through this :arrow_down: article and the attached forum posts within it.


AJ (hanshuber16).

Hi Deepanshi

I think many Sellers would agree that it takes A LOT to get to a sustainable amount of Orders. Once you do however, it becomes very frequent.

This is what I did when Starting out:

  1. Created a ton of content for my portfolio
  2. created a Portfolio website
  3. Sent all 10 Buyer Requests everyday, Everyday! I Often sent requests of $5 and the worth would be $100, this really helped me build a strong relationship with my Buyers & a strong portfolio. Two years later and they still come back from time to time.
  4. I would sometimes create content that Buyers listed under Buyer’s requests and send it with my Buyers Request to win over some trust. Very powerful way to get your foot in the door.

After about 3 months of sending Buyers Requests, the work just started coming in. I haven’t sent Requests for nearly 6 months now.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Hello rhinoreign,
Thank you so much
I am pretty much active on fiverr. I even send all 10 request to the buyers
daily…I am not getting one thing.Getting an order is an another thing but no one is even contacting me and that is why am so worried
Can anyone please checkout my profile and do let me know if there is something wrong in it…

Hi There

Just to confirm. There is nothing wrong with your gigs, descriptions or pricing.

What I am thinking though is that the industry you’re selling is extremely popular. Maybe you can bring something new to the table and sell that.

My initial gigs were the following:

  • Photoshop - “Saturated”
  • Logo Design - “Saturated”
  • After Effects Templates
  • Video Editing - “Saturated”
  • Interactive PDF’s
  • Kinetic Typography Videos

My Gigs quickly changed as buyers placed their orders. I currently only focus on Custom Logo Animations & Kinetic Typography. I suspect that the reason these are doing well is because the market for this isn’t so saturated.

This might give you some insight on how to evolve as you grow on Fiverr.

I also did A TON of free jobs when I started to gain trust from my customers. Some of them has spent nearly $1k just because of those initial steps. I still sometimes do “Sample” work for free before sending an offer.

It’s business and you need your buyers to gain momentum on Fiverr. Don’t give up, you’ll get there!