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I am new at fiverr and i need help

i am new at fiverr so,

How can i create a better gig please help me out…
thanks in advance

Welcome. You are at the good platform. You need to make different gig content. Because the only way to show your services are Gigs.

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I think that you need to write a better description and check your spelling as well as this is often driving potential buyers away. You can get help by one of the English writers on Fiverr.

Also your gig is one out of thousands offering the same job. And you need to use more inspired samples in your gig-images. The ones I see are too similar to other designers’ samples on Fiverr. So, although it is your hobby as you write, a hobby that became your job, maybe it would be a good idea for you to create more gigs with other jobs you can do well. And keep the pricing low when you start.

All the best

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Thanks for your response.

you create a good gig …
you see the new gig who is on top and then create is type if gig

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welcome and thank you too