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I am new at fiverr and very much excited to work on fiverr


Hi, i am new at Fiverr. i am so happy to make account on fiverr. I want to give 100% deliveries on Exact time aim is to make my client satisfy.

this is my gig link - please help me to get more views on it so i can my 1st sale on fiverr:blush:


You don’t care about money?

Joking aside, you’re offering proofreading service yet your gig description has quite a few grammar mistakes.
This is your first sentence and it’s difficult to even understand what you’re saying :frowning:

This gig is ideal for any archive that need a last clean!

Why are you offering proofreading service?
Even if you get an order you’ll most likely receive 1 star rating. Why go through all this trouble for a low rating?

You claim to be an expert with 5 years of experience. If you’re offering proofreading in your native language then you should say that in your gig description.


OP’s profile has been copied from various U****k accounts.

People think anyone can be a proofreader. It is so insulting!!! :rage:


Not only that, it gives a bad reputation to this place.
I can’t mention to any of my off Fiverr clients that I even offered my service here because they would instantly think I provide low quality service. And you know what, at least in my category the quality level is very low so statistically speaking it’s very likely that you’ll get a low quality website from Fiverr sellers.

There are way too many sellers who watch a couple of YT videos and think they are ready to offer a service. Since it doesn’t cost anything they’ll give it a try. They have nothing to lose.

I’ve been on vacation mode for close to 6 months now. I haven’t deleted my gigs because I’m still hoping that at some point Fiverr does a clean up, but we’ll have to wait and see.


You are so right on this!

To be honest, I’m also hoping for the same. And I think it will happen as Fiverr can’t afford risking its reputation, at some point dead weight must be dropped to avoid sinking.


Risk what reputation? Just go on google and search for Fiverr reviews. One star average. Fiverr wouldn’t be good enough to even work on Fiverr.


Hi @visualstudios,

As to any other media, I read internet content with crowbills (not sure if the word is right. If not, please let me know). Bad reviews make a lot of noise…


No idea what you mean by “crowbills”. The fact is that the general consensus on Fiverr is that it’s a race to the bottom, low quality marketplace full of scammers with lousy customer support. Of course all the sellers here would wish that wasn’t true, we all benefit if Fiverr is seen as a reputable company, but unfortunately that’s not the case.


Ok, so I need help here… someone to give me a hand, please?

“tweezers doctors use on surgical procedures”


You can nitpick all you want, that doesn’t matter. If I’m looking to buy something online, I’ll check the company on review websites. If it has overwhelmingly negative reviews, I’m taking my business elsewhere, simple as that. I don’t care if the reviews are justified or not - I want to buy something, not spend hours analyzing reviews.


Hold a second! You edited your comment and added while I was replying to you! Now I have to read all over to see what my reply will be!


You said that Fiverr can’t afford risking its reputation, to which I replied “What reputation”? Their reputation is horrible. That’s the problem. Hard to get worse, to be honest.


Not sure how any of this relates to the OP’s gig which he’s rightly promoting in the MFG section?

Maybe continue your conversation in a more suitable part of the forum please? :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re right Mercia! :wink: