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I am new at Fiverr but got 13 years of Experience

I am new at fiverr selling but I got 13 years of experience in digital marketing, please suggest me how can make it full time and sell more on fiverr?

If you have 13 years of experience in digital marketing, this shouldn’t really be a question you need to ask, as… you’re a digital marketing expert…right?

First, maybe you need to put in a bit more effort into your description. Your buyers wouldn’t really get the value you are offering them if that is all you have to say on your gigs description. There are tons of other fiverr sellers operating in the same niche as you do. Maybe look into their gigs and figure out from how they present their own gigs what you might do to improve your own.


I am new to fiverr selling, that is why I asked the question. Community is for helping new people to fiverr selling.

Thanks for the suggestions!

That may be so, but marketing principles and strategy remain the same at their core across all platforms. There are literally hundreds of posts in this forum that tell you how you can improve your gig and profile, make those first sales and just about anything you can think of. My point is that as with all your experience as a marketer, you should have the confidence in your own abilities to start anywhere as a newbie and make inroads using your own tactics, rather than asking a generic question that is asked by dozens of others daily.

With all your experience in SEO I’m sure you realize that it helps to have more than 3 brief sentences for content.

Here is your gig description:

I will publish your article on authority edu blog with high traffic stats and DA 89.

1 day delivery time, I got 13 years of experience in seo. I will adjust your keywords according to Google guidelines.

Is this an example of how you optimize content? If your expertise is in adjustiing for keywords and you have an authority edu blog, where are the writing and SEO skills in your own gig?
This would be a great place to start!

As mentioned above, I would start with a makeover on your gig titles and text. You need to first catch attention, and then confirm you have the ability to help and provide a quality product at an unbeatable price.

Second, I would change your profile picture. It currently looks like you’re someone in the witness protection program. People like to see and know who they’re working with!

Hope that helps.

Good Luck!

No suggestions will work unless he comes back and reads them.

I think you need a bit of luck factor here. There are many talented people here, so getting orders is bit tricky.

Am also new in fiverr, I have 4 years experience. Am used to receive a lot of orders in my previous accounts. But in fiverr am getting a challenge too have clients. Whoever comes is a joker and just inbox me to order instead of sending an order through my gigs.

Oh no, a digital marketer or someone with 4 years experience in the online freelance bs market who doesn’t understand that communicating with the inboxer might lead to the much-wanted sale!

Another woeful complaint from an experienced person. Sure they’re annoying but just send the custom order or chat with them and make a long term deal or dump them like a radioactive shit if they turn out to be several shades of insane.

I think he may have meant that he gets messages asking him to order other gigs. I get some of these messages too from newbies asking if I need a logo or a website.