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I am new at Fiverr, someone help


Hey, everyone, I am brand new at Fiverr, I already created my first LOGO DESIGN GIG. I added some examples of my previous logo designs to the GIG and even put some pretty reasonable prices on it. It’s been a couple of days and I still haven’t gotten any orders. Yes, I have some clicks and some engagements but no orders. Someone, please help me. What should I do?


Here are some things you will have found out if you read more on the forum before you posted here:

  • Read the forum. There’s a tonne of useful posts for newbies and oldies alike.
  • Logo design is the worst category to be in for a newbie. Come up with something different.
  • Your starting price is too high for a newbie
  • It can take a while to get your first sales, but if your gigs are engaging enough the sales will come. Come up with something different.
  • Have more gigs. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.


Hello ,
i am a new seller .i am joining in fiverr in 20 April.1 month left i don’t have any work.
one more question "how i improve me response rate?.
any one please help me.

Thank you…!!


Keep sending request to buyers in buyers request is one of the best way for beginner to get started…
don’t get disappoint if you don’t get order in few days! fiverr will surely help you and some sellers already found you interesting because you have clicks on your gig!


for beginner its good idea to keep sending request to buyers and asking for work and offering fast and cheap and high quality work…thats best way to get started!
for response rate…when you get any inquiry message, you must reply it even if its spam…just reply with usual words like - I’ll be back soon or thank you…and never left any message unanswered…that will grow your response rate back.


i am complete my daily buyer request.i open my account in 20 April,1 month left i don’t have one work.what can i do.


I visited your profile and yes its quite impressive !!
Keep working same way and try to add some services that not all sellers offers! Like one you did for visiting cards - unlimited revisions and delivery in 24 hours is very good!
I suggest to promote your gig on social media as well like - linkedin, facebook and insta ? that will help!